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Year: 2014

On its face, the process of receiving workers’ compensation benefits appears to be fairly straightforward. Similar to other insurance mechanisms, […]

Suffering an injury on the job is stressful in itself, but it can be even more challenging when it comes […]

Workers’ compensation laws in Illinois govern the entitlements, requirements and administration associated with Chicago workers’ compensation. Recently adding to the […]

The prospect of developing some form of cancer is a source of dread for most people. In addition to the […]

Workers in Illinois who are categorized as independent contractors face a host of challenges relative to their colleagues who are […]

Workers in Illinois who sustain injuries during the course of employment are entitled to workers’ compensation under the Illinois Workers’ […]

There are many ways for those bullying others in Illinois to be punished. However, some of the consequences for bullying […]

Bullying and humiliation, while they are two separate issues, are often confused as the same thing. By definition, bullying is […]

Children in Illinois who are bullied are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, make regular health complaints, and […]