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There are many ways for those bullying others in Illinois to be punished. However, some of the consequences for bullying […]

Bullying and humiliation, while they are two separate issues, are often confused as the same thing. By definition, bullying is […]

Children in Illinois who are bullied are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, make regular health complaints, and […]

Many children in Illinois and throughout the rest of the country are bullied through popular mobile applications like Kik, Voxer […]

When a child in Illinois is discriminated against, made fun of or harmed due to their religion or beliefs, they […]

Bullying isn’t just an issue that plagues the classrooms and playgrounds in Illinois, it is also a widespread problem in […]

Many children in Illinois harm those that they go to school with by bullying them. According to, 30 percent […]

Many schools and school districts in Illinois and the rest of the country have adopted bullying prevention programs to stop […]

Children and teenagers who are bullied in Illinois may suffer from multiple psychological, physical and mental consequences. These may include […]