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What Our Clients Are Saying

Koji Mitsuru
My mother Carole Williams and I been knowing Mr. Sheldon since the 90's and felt more like a friend than just our lawyer and couldn't be happier.
John McDonald
I’ve known Andy Domin for close to 20 years. Great person, lawyer and friend. He’s honest, loyal and upfront.
Carole Williams
Sheldon Minkow is a great lawyer. I've been knowing him since the 90’s. All my cases, he is there when I needed to talk to him. I even recommended him for my son, a motorcycle accident, and all my family and friends. Every case of mine he took he has won.
Lisa Helma
I have worked with Andrew Domin and Sheldon Minkow over the last 10 years.  Their knowledge of the law ensures that their clients get the best possible outcome.  They truly care about their clients' rights and wellbeing, while treating them with respect, compassion and empathy.
Denise Hurley
I am pleased and overjoyed with the professionalism and I am very pleased with the service of Mr. Minkow. I needed my TTD check and I never missed a paycheck. Even when the insurance company tried to hold back, when I called the office to let them know my check did not come on time, he and his staff was on top of it.  I received my check right away!  I highly recommend him for your worker's compensation case because not only does he go far and beyond expectation he gets settlement results too! Thank you so much. God bless you!
Frank T. Siciliano
I was introduced to Attorney Andrew Domin a few years ago when I was desperately in need of representation, for a work related injury and under extreme pressure and threats from my employer to not pursue a claim. Andy was first and foremost compassionate and caring to my situation. Always a professional but most importantly, he went out of his way to get to know me and my family. He fought hard on my behalf when other previous attorneys told me to take a lesser settlement or even give up. Over the course of several years, not months, Andy never stopped advocating for me and tirelessly pushed my case to the best possible outcome. I was never pressured To take a lesser settlement at any time, even to his own financial detriment. Andy kept the case open for years instead of a speedy minimal settlement which is the only way for him to get paid. He cares for his clients interest first, not his own. He earned my complete trust which doesn’t come easy. Google my name and you can see what I was up against, and then you can easily understand why he is so highly recommended by myself, and others, who find themselves facing what seems are insurmountable odds. I can’t thank Andy enough for all he did for me and many others I know and have recommended him to over the last several years. If your looking for a strong and tireless advocate to represent you, Andrew Domin is your man. He is someone I am honored to not only call my Attorney, but also my friend. Sincerely, Frank T.  Siciliano