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Motorcycle Injuries


Motorcycles are a popular motor vehicle, with many individuals riding motorcycles as a recreational activity or a mode of transportation. Unfortunately, motorcycles can also be very dangerous vehicles.  Although motorcycle accidents are not as common as auto accidents due to the fact that there are less motorcycles on the road, motorcycle accidents are also significantly more dangerous with devastating results. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 90,000 injuries and more than 4,400 injuries caused by motorcycle accidents in 2009 alone.

The Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys at Minkow Domin have more than 45 years of experience representing clients in personal injury lawsuits, including those involving motorcycle accidents and other motor vehicle accidents.

How We Handle Motorcycle Accidents

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents. Oftentimes, motorcycle accidents are caused by motorists who do not see a motorcycle or fail to obey right of way rules with respect to motorcycles. Other common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Lane splitting
  • Aggressive driving
  • Improper braking
  • Improper turning
  • Poor road conditions
  • Road hazards
  • Alcohol-related accidents

Helmet Laws

One of the reasons that motorcycle accidents can be so devastating is that there is no protection surrounding the motorcyclist like there is with a car or other motor vehicle. Many motorcycle accidents result in fatalities because a motorcyclist failed to wear a helmet. The failure to wear a helmet can also result in traumatic brain injuries. Some states have adopted mandatory helmet laws, while many other states do not have similar requirements. Although Illinois does not require the use of a helmet while riding a motorcycle, the Illinois Motorcycle Operator Manual recommends that motorcyclists wear helmets that fit snugly, have no obvious defects, and meet the U.S. Department of Transportation requirements.

Even though Illinois does not require the use of helmets while riding a motorcycle, the failure to wear a helmet could impact the available recovery in a personal injury lawsuits since failure to wear a helmet could be considered negligence.

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