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Month: May 2014

Although bullying in Illinois is often associated with the physical harassment and power play that is common among males, females […]

Although it often comes across as a very straightforward matter in films and popular literature, bullying can be one of […]

Bullying takes many forms in the military and affects service members of all ranks. Whether someone experiences verbal or physical […]

Under the Cyberbullying Law, the Illinois General Assembly defines cyberbullying as any occasion when a person harasses another while using […]

Bullying can affect those who witness this behavior and those who are responsible for the bullying in addition to the […]

Bullying refers to unwanted aggressive and repeated behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. While bullying is generally […]

Many people in Chicago, Illinois, may initially think of children and teenagers when they hear the word “bullying,” but in […]

Many people in Chicago, Illinois, have heard television can desensitize viewers to violence. However, many people are not aware that […]

Many parents in Chicago, Illinois, may view bullying as an unfortunate but fairly normal part of growing up. Unfortunately, many […]