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Month: September 2014

Children and teenagers who are bullied in Illinois may suffer from multiple psychological, physical and mental consequences. These may include […]

In October of 2013, the Miami Dolphins reported that one of their players, Jonathan Martin, had left the team to […]

When a child bullies another student, adults, teachers and even other students can intervene to send a message to the […]

Bullying is a serious issue that pervades schools throughout Illinois. According to, 28 percent of students in grades six […]

Bullying isn’t a problem that is limited to elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. Many college students in Illinois […]

Bullying is a serious problem in Illinois and throughout the rest of the country. According to data collected in 2010 […]

In a recent statement, the U.S. Conference of Mayors announced that mayors from over 170 cities in Illinois and throughout […]

Contrary to the belief of many in Illinois, bullying situations involve more than just the bully and their victim. Often, […]

Bullying can either be verbal or physical. For example, a person may be the victim of verbal bullying if another […]