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Year: 2015

Medical Marijuana May Still Lead to Job Loss in Illinois Significant liabilities exist for employers when employees use marijuana. Many […]

New driverless cars provide many conveniences for drivers, but pose many problems for accidents. Government agencies, major auto manufactures, and […]

The use of marijuana for alleviating pain and symptoms from serious injuries is becoming common throughout America. In Illinois, the […]

Working hard can be hard on the body and injuries can happen whether a worker is unloading freight or sitting […]

The summer of 2015 left many citizens wondering what would happen with workers compensation in the state of Illinois. Legislative […]

Many workers who are injured on the job assume that the workers’ compensation program will pick up the tab for […]

Law enforcement is a profession that never sleeps. Police officers are in demand 24 hours a day to arrest criminals […]

Many American workers face the risk of serious injury on the job. A recent analytical study published in the Washington […]

When employees think about work-related disability, they may imagine sudden accidents such as falls, vehicle collisions and machinery malfunctions. Many […]