Illinois workers are exposed to a variety of injury risks at the workplace. Some of these injury risks arise because of hazards that are unique to those particular workplaces. As Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys are aware, the risk of slipping and falling is an injury risk that may arise in many workplaces.

Places of business located in Illinois, where cold, snowy winters can lead to icy sidewalks, can make workplace accidents that much more likely. Other work venues, such as those with crowded hallways, may be associated with a higher risk of slip-and-fall accidents. Teachers and school staff, for example, navigate this risk every day among throngs of students.

Even regular office workers face a high threat of work-related injuries from slipping or falling. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falling constitutes the most common injury to office workers. Spilled beverages or improperly marked cleaning areas may result in dangerous slips. Opened drawers or loose carpet could lead to a disabling fall.

Four tips to minimize risk

In order to avoid a slip-and-fall while at work, a few tips from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration might be helpful to keep in mind. While these tips may not eliminate the risk of a slip-and-fall accident, they may help to lower their probability:

  1. One of OSHA’s tips is to keep aisles, passageways, hallways and other corridors clear of obstructions. These obstructions could include cords, equipment or other objects. These objects can be especially hazardous when they are unexpected to those passing through.
  2. Another tip from OSHA is to ensure that processes are in place to keep floor areas consistently dry. In some workplaces, wet surfaces are inevitable. In these cases, this hazard should be prepared for through dry platforms or other precautions.
  3. Slips-and-falls may occur while workers are using ladders. In order to mitigate this risk, two general precautions should be taken. First, ladders should be routinely inspected for damage that could threaten a worker’s safety while using them. Second, workers should use ladders safely, such as not standing on the tops of stepladders.
  4. Open-sided floors represent another potential workplace accident that can be mitigated with the proper precautions. Specifically, the safety of workers operating around open-sided floors can be protected with secure railings.

Other measures, such as consistently guarding against icy areas in external areas of the workplace, are also important to consider.

Compensation may be available

Workers who sustain workplace injuries through slip-and-fall accidents may be eligible for Illinois workers’ compensation benefits. For this reason, injured workers may wish to consult with an Illinois workers’ compensation attorney.