Nursing Homes should provide a safe and clean environment for their residents. However, poor hygiene among residents may indicate Nursing Home abuse. If you have a family member in a Nursing Home and suspect they are being mistreated, it is important to speak with an attorney who understands the law and how it relates to Nursing Home liability.

When we think of Nursing Home abuse, physical or emotional abuse may come to mind. However, neglect is also a form of abuse. Neglect occurs when a nursing home fails to provide its residents with basic needs, such as food, water, and hygiene. Poor hygiene can lead to serious health problems like infections and bed sores. Some signs of this abuse include:

Bad Smells

The smell is among Nursing Homes’ most obvious signs of poor hygiene. If you notice a foul scent in your loved one’s room or the nursing home’s common areas, it may be a sign that the staff is not properly caring for the residents. Dirty clothing, bed linens, and towels are also signs of poor hygiene.

Residents with soiled clothing or bed linens risk developing infections and bed sores. Infections can be life-threatening for elderly individuals, as their immune systems may not be as strong as they once were. Bed sores, or pressure ulcers, are painful and can lead to significant complications if not treated properly.

Sudden Sicknesses or Bruises

If your loved one has unexplained injuries or illnesses, it may be a sign that they are being neglected. Not properly cared for, residents may be more likely to fall or develop illnesses such as pneumonia. In some cases, neglect can even lead to death.

It is important to note that poor hygiene may not always be a sign of abuse or neglect. However, it is always better to err on the side of caution and report any concerns to the Nursing Home administration. They are responsible for investigating any reports of abuse or neglect and taking appropriate action.

These poor hygiene signs among residents may indicate Nursing Home abuse. Neglect is a form of abuse and can lead to serious health problems for elderly individuals. If you suspect your loved one is mistreated in a nursing home, speak with an attorney. They can help you understand your legal rights and options and protect your loved one’s rights.

Talk to a Lawyer Soon

If you suspect these signs, it’s possible mistreatment is not far off. It is essential to speak with a lawyer who handles Nursing Home injuries. They can help you understand your legal rights and options. Nursing Home injury lawyers represent victims of Nursing Home abuse and neglect.

When you speak with a Nursing Home injury lawyer, they will listen to your concerns and help you determine the best action. They may recommend pursuing legal action against the Nursing Home or a complaint with the State Licensing Agency. They can also help you navigate the complex legal process and protect your loved one’s rights.

In addition to speaking with an attorney, there are other steps you can take if you suspect abuse or neglect. First, document any signs of poor hygiene or neglect that you observe. Take pictures, and write down the dates and times of any incidents.

Second, speak with your loved one about their care. Ask them if they are being treated well or have any concerns. If they cannot communicate or are afraid to speak up, speaking with a social worker or another healthcare professional may be necessary.

Finally, report your concerns to the Nursing Home administration and the state licensing agency. They are responsible for investigating any reports of abuse or neglect and taking appropriate action. In Illinois, the state licensing agency is the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), which oversees reports of Nursing Home abuse or neglect. Under Illinois law, a Nursing Home cannot take retaliatory action against a resident due to the filing of a complaint with IDPH.

Call Minkow Domin Trial Lawyers Immediately

Under The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act, the owner of a Nursing Home facility is liable to a resident for any intentional or negligent acts or omissions by the Nursing Home staff and employees that result in injuries to the resident.

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